Exchange online services

In almost any country, a person who wants to buy bitcoins can use the exchange service. The largest aggregators of such services are and You need to decide how to buy cryptocurrency (using a bank card, money transfer, electronic payment systems, etc.) and choose a right trader. Pay attention to the reviews. It is worth choosing a seller without complaints and lots of good reviews.

Terminals and ATMs

Terminals and ATMs are not very common of buying cryptocurrency. The ATM list is on the site Such devices are easy to use. Just a few operations will be enough for your cryptocurrency to be credited to your wallet. Terminals work with cash.

Exchanges. The Chinese Bitcoin market is the most liquid in the world. The leading stock exchanges here are Huobi, OKCoin and BTC China. They charge zero fees, and as a result, there is a very narrow spread.
Direct buying. The most popular direct broker for the yen with a very low fee is Users are offered a wide range of identification capabilities from confirming email to provision an identity card.
Exchanges. There are three of them: Quoine, Coincheck and Kraken. Of course, the liquidity on them is lower than on the Chinese stock exchanges, however, it is quite possible to buy Bitcoins cheaply there.
Direct buying. The main Thai bitcoin broker is There is another one called It provides a convenient online wallet.
Exchanges. Thailand has its own exchange called
Direct buying and ATMs. A variety of options for buying and selling bitcoins offers the service They have two specialized ATMs in Seoul. You can also buy Bitcoin at thousands of ATMs across the country, as well as using gift cards.
Exchanges. In South Korea, there is a well-developed exchange called, offering not only Bitcoin trading, but also wallets for all devices and money transfer services. It offers not only Bitcoin trading, but also wallets for all devices and money transfer services.
The largest platform in India is Here you can buy, sell, store and share Bitcoins. The same opportunities are offered by another large platform called Both services require user identification.
Two main platforms are and The last one accepts payments in various ways, including cash from a bank account, online transfers and vouchers that can be bought in stores across the country.
VBTC is an entry-level Vietnamese cryptocurrency exchange. This means the company allows locals to exchange their Dongs (VND) into Bitcoin.
In Malaysia, the platform provides an online wallet, as well as the ability to buy and sell bitcoins.
In Indonesia you can buy Bitcoins using Indodax.
MaiCoin is a Taiwan-based one-stop digital asset exchange platform, providing trading and payment services.
Turkey is the first Bitcoin exchange in Turkey. On the platform, one can buy Bitcoins and Lightcoins for Turkish lira.
A citizen of the United Arab Emirates can directly buy bitcoins on the Bitoasis website.
In Kuwait, one can buy cryptocurrency on the platform